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Love these lakes and this hike: Dicks and Fontanillis Lakes

I’ll say it, Fontanillis Lake is my favorite lake in Desolation Wilderness.  It’s a close number one ahead of Lower Velma Lake.  With that said, the hike to both of these lakes, Dicks and Fontanillis Lakes are absolutely spectacular.  There are a few different ways to reach both of these lakes.  You can leave from Bayview […]

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Can you defeat intimidating Mount Whitney? Part 1

Well, it’s the highest mountain in the lower 48!  What an adventure…  There are multiple routes to hike to the summit of Mount Whitney at an unthinkable elevation of 14,497 feet above sea level.  I have decided to break this post up into two parts because we first hiked the mountaineer’s route but unfortunately didn’t […]

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Awesome campsite, spectacular lake, yes please – Silver Lake Campground

My first experience camping at Silver Lake Campground was pretty amazing as I had never even been to the lake before.  It for sure surpassed my expectations.  Silver Lake is just past Kirkwood in Alpine County.   There are tons of activities that I’ll discuss a bit later to do at the lake.  You can also […]