Fantastic spot: Chimney Beach Lake Tahoe

Granite Rocx - Chimney Beach 8

Chimney Beach is one of the more hidden beaches in Lake Tahoe.  This beach is amazing!  I hadn’t actually been here before and it totally surprised me.  The parking lot and Chimney Beach trailhead are off of Highway 28 on the East Shore.  The beach itself is less than a mile hike down the trail.

Jillian, the pup, and I parked in a spot on the right off of Highway 28 in late morning.  I didn’t realized there was a designated parking lot until we reached it hiking.  I packed up my Granite Rocx Cascade Backpack & Cooler and we were off.  We actually started heading down the path towards Secret Cove initially.  For more information on Secret Cove (nude beach), check out this write-up.  You can take a path from Secret Cove to Chimney Beach which is really pretty, but I decided to head back up and go the other way.  There is a wide, dirt path to Chimney Beach trailhead and parking lot that is parallel to Highway 28.  So that’s what we took.  See pictures below.

Granite Rocx Chimney Beach 1
Bathrooms near the Secret Cove trail
Granite Rocx Chimney Beach 2
Sign at the trailhead

Granite Rocx - Chimney Beach 12

Once we got to the trailhead, we went down.  The path is dirt and rock and easy to maneuver.  You’ll come to a split where you can go left to Secret Cove or right to Chimney Beach.  You’ll want to veer right here. Below are more pictures.

Granite Rocx Chimney Beach 3

Granite Rocx - Chimney Beach 4

Granite Rocx - Chimney Beach 5

It’s less than a mile until you reach the beach.  The beach is long and absolutely beautiful!  It was deserted as we were the only ones down there.  We did a bit of exploring and Jill ran and played in the water for a while.  The views from the beach are spectacular looking out on Lake Tahoe and the Sierras on the West Shore.  See additional pictures below.

Granite Rocx - Chimney Beach 10

Granite Rocx - Chimney Beach 6

Granite Rocx - Chimney Beach 7

Granite Rocx - Chimney Beach 9

Granite Rocx - Chimney Beach 17

Granite Rocx - Chimney Beach 16

Granite Rocx - Chimney Beach 13

Granite Rocx - Chimney Beach 11

To get to Chimney Beach, get on Highway 28:

  • If you’re coming from South Lake or Carson City, the parking lot is 4.8 miles from where Highway 50 and Highway 28 intersect. Once you pull into the parking lot, take the trailhead to the beach.
  • If you’re coming from Incline Village (North Lake), the parking lot is about 2.7 miles from the entrance of Sand Harbor. Once you pull into the parking lot, take the trailhead to the beach.
  • You can also park on the side of Highway 28 (in certain designated spots) and find a trail down to the beach as well like we did.

You can see the Geo Tracker here:

Chimney Beach Geo Tracker

What a fantastic spot!  I was searching for beaches on the East Shore and found a great one.  There are tons of other spots on the East Shore of Lake Tahoe to explore and I can’t wait to get to more of them this summer!  If you’ve been to Chimney Beach or Secret Cove, make a comment below!  Also, follow us on twitter here @graniterocx!


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    Excellent article and beautiful pictures. We are planning to visit last week of September 2017 and planning to stay near Heavenly, south lake. Could you please tell me what is the closest location where we can park our car?
    Thank you,

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