Granite Rocx was a name a friend and I had come up with in the past for a company that never came to be.  When I heard the name for the first time I fell in love with it and knew it had to fit somewhere in the outdoors world.

The mountains in the background are the Sierras in Lake Tahoe.  The picture was taken from the Southwest shore of Lake Tahoe towards Mount Rose and the Northeast Shore.  The mountains in the logo are mimicked in this picture.

We do sell internationally, however to limited countries (Canada, Germany, Finland, Sweden, and France). Amazon currently will only accept purchases from the US, UK, and Germany. If you are interested in purchasing one of our products from a country we don’t currently ship to, please email info@graniterocx.com and we will work to see if we can add that country.


Steve lives in Lake Tahoe.  The idea behind the names of the packs is that each new model will be the name of a different lake in the Tahoe area.  The largest lake, Lake Tahoe is the name of the first backpack & cooler in the product line, which is the father of the company.

Yes. Our design is patented.

The Granite Rocx patented design allows one to carry any type/size folding chair(s) or other piece(s) of equipment/accessories, while including a detachable 12 can, insulated cooler.  The backpack can be used by itself, the cooler can be used by itself, or both can be used as one to make carrying easier.  Our backpacks & coolers are an all-in-one solution to help on any day adventure.

Our backpacks & coolers are perfect for any day adventure.  They are great for beach days, day hikes, short fishing excursions, event shows, tailgates, or any other day adventure where travel and carry are necessary.

Unfortunately, not at this point.  They are currently sold as one.


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