The Cascade


4.75 out of 5

The Cascade backpack & cooler is modified from the Tahoe backpack & cooler. With a patented design, it is a multi-functional solution that allows one to carry any type/size folding chair, piece(s) of equipment, accessories, and/or food and drink. The 12 can, insulated cooler detaches from the backpack to be used separately if desired.

The Cascade has similar functionality to the Tahoe and is the same size, but is more durable, has additional carrying options, and is hydration compatible. Please see additional features in our Attributes and Features section noted with an *.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 18 x 14 x 4 in

*Indicates different or modified features from The Tahoe model


+ Allows one to carry any type of flat folding chair or other equipment. The back compartment of the bag unzips to reveal an open space. Squeeze buckles with long, reinforced webbing straps allow the chair or other equipment to remain stable and securely held at the back of the pack.
+ The bottom of the backpack contains straps with squeeze buckles to carry a cylindrical folding chair, tent, yoga mat, towel, etc.
+ Pouch in the back compartment for hydration system with clip to hang*
+ Two squeeze buckles and straps on both sides for additional carrying options*
+ Shoulder strap clip*
+ Adjustable sliding chest strap
+ Side or center adjustable waist straps with padding *
+ Shoulder strap pocket for phone, iPod, etc.
+ Front pocket organizer with key clip*
+ Side pockets for drinks, etc.
+ Front bungee system to hold a towel, jacket, etc.


+ Removable heat sealed insulation for hot and cold. Use ice, will NOT leak!*
+ Detachable shoulder strap
+ Front and back pockets for additional carry


BACKPACK 2136 IN3 / 35 L 20.5H X 13W X 8D IN 2.3 LBS
COOLER (12 cans) 549 IN3 / 9 L 14H X 9W X 3.5D IN 0.6 LBS

BACKPACK Blue, Orange, Black 600D Waterproof Ripstop Nylon
COOLER Blue, Orange, Black 600D Waterproof Ripstop Nylon

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12 reviews for The Cascade

  1. 5 out of 5


    This is an amazing backpack, I bought it for day hikes and trips to the beach. It holds all of the necessities, and the cooler holds all of my drinks and food, keeping them cold the whole day. I am so impressed, with the blue one, I bought my ten year old son the black one. ya summer with this awesome backpack

  2. 3 out of 5


    I have to say I love the look and fit of this pack however I was a little disappointed that the zipper pulls (string part) fell off and I have found that with a hydration bag in the pack it doesn’t seem to want to stay zipped …I thought about returning it but instead decided to tweak a couple of things and its fine the way it fits is just too good I am short and its just real comfortable …I would recommend this pack to my friends

  3. 5 out of 5


    Love these packs! They are inedibly versatile and well made. We recently took them on a trip to Nepal. They were great as carry-ons because of their many and easy to access compartments. They worked as great day packs while trekking. We put these packs through the ringer and they came out without a scratch.

    The compartment for chairs are incredible useful to carry any oversized item. It would be hard to come up with a better day pack, and I could not imagine a better pack to bring to the beach.

    I would recommend this pack to anyone looking for a solid versatile day pack.

  4. 5 out of 5


    I love my Granite Rocx Cascade backpack. I use it more often than I even imagined. It’s great for the usual day at the beach or hike. But I use mine for travel purposes more than I anticipated. I travel for work once a month a few hours from home and have to stay over a few nights. It is perfect to pack a few days worth of clothes and not have to take an actual suitcase. The cooler that is connected is also great for that very purpose as well. I can pack some snacks for a few days and I know they won’t go bad for a short period of time. This is a great gift as well. I have purchased the Cascade as a birthday gift for a friend. I put small gifts in the different pockets the Cascade offers as surprises:) He loved it!

  5. 5 out of 5


    The Cascade is probably the best backpack we have ever used. And, it’s probably the most versatile backpack we’ve ever tried to cram all our stuff into. It has the most squeeze buckles, webbing straps, pockets, clips, padding, and straps ~ enough to satisfy the most demanding user. The separate, but attachable, lined non-leak cooler is outstanding, and holds a lot. The engineering for hydration on the trail is top-of-the-line, and the cell phone fits neatly and conveniently into one of the shoulder straps. It’s a superb backpack that I would either recommend to a friend, or if the friend is really a good, close friend, I’d simply send it to them as gift. We used the big storage compartment for a nice sized laptop with all those electronic accessories. It worked out perfect. Nice job ~ Granite Rocx!

  6. 5 out of 5


    I use the Cascade backpack for my commute. I have a long commute that uses mass transit. I need to be able to carry my lunch and an umbrella with my backpack, and I can even roll up the umbrella in a thin rain jacket and strap both in nicely using the straps that others may use to carry a sleeping bag. This backpack enables me to reach for my wallet while holding an umbrella so that I may pay a bus fare without holding up a line of commuters. This backpack has made my long commute much more bearable!

  7. 5 out of 5


    I’ve tried other supposed backpack/cooler combination products and they all suffered from limitations including poor quality, uncomfortable for even shorter hikes, poor cooler to dry storage ratio, leakiness and an inability to keep items cool for longer periods of time. I found myself wishing someone would invent one that did it all well; now I don’t have to look any further!

    I love the configuration and versatility of the Granite RocX pack. I can take everything needed for a variety of day trips (collapsible chairs, table and fishing poles, blanket, etc.) and it’s great being able to separate the cooler for lunch off the main trial. I’ve tried attaching separate coolers to existing packs with carabiners, etc and it just wasn’t as comfortable or convenient as the configuration allowed with the Granite RocX. It is super comfortable and fits everything needed for a day trip and lunch for our family of 4. Keeps dry stuff dry and cold stuff cold. I just wanted a comfortable quality backpack to carry dry stuff and a cooler that kept things cool without leaking; all of the straps for taking chairs, etc. are a major bonus!

    I bought it after doing extensive research following a miserable trip through Yellowstone with a different cooler/pack combination (Picnic Time Turismo Backpack Cooler) that soaked me and our stuff when using ice for coolant even when placed in Ziplock freezer bags (many cabins/rooms on our trip didn’t have freezers to freeze cold packs…). Sandwiches were not cool by lunch and it also left me with chafe marks from the poorly padded/too short shoulder straps and a super back ache from sitting too high up on the back when packed with basic equipment for day hikes.

    I bought this pack for an upcoming Alaskan adventure and wanted ample time to try it out locally before being stuck without a quality product and I now can’t wait to use it for the big trip! We’ve had several successful test day trips that included tailgating, boating, beach, day hiking, fishing and other adventures. We tend to do a combination of car/other vehicle commuting and light/moderate hiking trails on our adventures with younger and older family members and this pack is the perfect fit in that setting.

    Great customer support, as well. They answered all of my questions before I bought the pack, have a great return policy (although I don’t foresee using it…), sent a personalized message with the pack and even followed up with me to see if I was satisfied after a couple months of use. I highly recommend trying one; exactly what I was looking for and more!

  8. 5 out of 5


    This has to be THE coolest backpack I have ever seen! I usually only mosey and meander, and if I spend the night somewhere it is with all the comforts of home, NOT in a tent. BUT, I like to take my comforts with me for my day trips. Unfortunately, I usually look like one of the Beverly Hillbillies wandering into town with my arms full and bags hanging off of both shoulders just so I can be comfortable when I get to where my wandering heart has decided it wants to set a spell and reflect. NOW, I can bring everything I need and want in one WONDERFUL backpack.

    I was asked to review The Cascade, a back pack by Graniterocx, and after I looked at their website, I happily agreed!! The Cascade has so many features it’s just crazy cool! The BEST feature is it has a compartment that unzips and reveals space to hold any flat folding chair. This compartment has straps and squeeze buckles to ensure the chair stays secure and easy to carry. In addition, if you have a tube type chair, you can use the straps on the bottom of the pack instead – these same straps can be used to carry things like yoga mats, beach towels, tent, etc., if you’re not using it for a chair.

    There also are pockets on each side of the backpack to hold things like bottles (can you say wine?), fishing rods, phone, you name it. Inside the backpack is a compartment made to carry a hydration bladder and the left shoulder strap has a secure point to attach the tube. Way cool! The compartment is big enough to carry everything you need for your outdoor adventure.

    One of the BEST features is the 12-can cooler that attaches to the front of the backpack. Fill it with your favorite beverage, your lunch, or whatever you would like to keep cool and snap in on the front using the squeeze buckles.

    I loaded the pack with my tube chair on the bottom, put the water bottles inside and filled the 12-can cooler with our lunch.

    I wasn’t planning on a huge hike, I just wanted to see how The Cascade would really work. I mean it’s one thing to see all the cool compartments, padding, and straps to keep it secure to your back, but it is a completely other thing to use it, right?

    The Cascade Backpack worked famously! The 12-can cooler kept our lunch nice and fresh. The tube chair fit great and didn’t budge – stayed very secure. There was PLENTY of room on the inside of backpack to take even much more than we did! I put our raincoats (it just happened to be POURING rain that day – it IS Washington you know!) and water bottles on the inside) and everything stayed nice and dry.

    I was surprised at how comfortable the wide padded straps were and the padded back that rests against your back.

    If you are someone who loves the outdoors but wishes you could be a wee bit more comfortable when you “get there,” the Cascade by Graniterocx is for YOU. I highly recommend this backpack! The cost is more than reasonable for the quality, comfort and functionality this backpack offers.
    I am so happy I was given the opportunity to review The Cascade because now I get to be all comfy when I mosey about meandering through Washington on my daytrips!!

  9. 4 out of 5


    I was looking for a backpack that had a cooler, had a fairly large capacity and a backpack that could carry odd shaped objects. The Granite Rocx Cascade fit the bill. I spend most of my afternoons and weekends on the beaches in Chicago. I play volleyball so I needed a backpack that could carry my net, lines, stakes, vacuum water bottle, speaker, folding chair,(beers on ice, dont tell the cops).

    The main compartment is large enough to carry everything i need for a whole afternoon on the beach. The backpack is also designed to securely fit folding chairs or any other item as long as they are not wider or longer than the provided straps. My fiancé loves this design, because she has a place to sit while I play. The backpack also has a smaller compartment where I can organize my battery pack, phone, keys and wallet.

    The main reason why I bought this was the cooler. It can fit 12 cans, I have not tried to place that many beers but I did fit six and added 4 trays of ice with room to spare. The cooler never leaked and kept everything chilled, its nice to play for hours on end and have ice cold water or beer in your backpack. The best part about the cooler is the ease of use. Large coolers and roller coolers have to be cleaned after each use. With this, I just pulled out the inner lining after I used it and let it air dry. No more dirty or stinky coolers.

    The sides of the backpack has straps to hold anything you may want to carry. Great spot to strap my UE Boombox on one side and my lifeline water bottle on the other.

    Great backpack for a great price. I looked at more expensive backpacks from Oakley and other more well known brands. This backpack does the job and does it well.

  10. 5 out of 5


    Once in a while you have a special need and along comes an invention that solves it for you. This is one of those inventions.

    I have a large ostrich beach chair that I LOVE but it’s always been so cumbersome to carry — along with my umbrella, cooler, towel, speakers, etc…

    On top of that, I also wanted to be able to ride my bike to the beach.

    This bag is so perfectly designed that you can easily carry ALL of your junk on your back.

    Really brilliant, well built and attractive! Only downside is that the first one I purchased took a while to be delivered so I sent the seller a note for my second purchase and it came pretty quickly.

  11. 5 out of 5


    Being able to pack all that we need for the beach, along with multiple chairs and an umbrella was always a challenge. I was determined to find something that allowed me to keep my hands free.
    Now I can walk that half mile to the beach carrying my child with my arms and nothing else. The rest is securely strapped to my back.
    The cooler can be clipped on or left at home. It easily detaches.
    Straps are comfortable. It really is a complete departure from the old struggle of dragging all of that stuff. I just wish I found it sooner.

  12. 5 out of 5


    Did I mention the Versatility!
    I’ve been using the Tahoe for the past three years for everyday use back and forth to work. The cooler is fantastic for my lunch, the organizer compartment carries all of the accessories (power cord, mouse, backup drives, pens, paper, etc) and really keeps them organized and easy to find. The main compartment carries the computer, tablet, paperwork and shoes. The side pockets hold my fold up umbrella and water bottle. The pack, with the cooler attached, fits perfect behind the drivers seat to keep the cooler upright to avoid container spills. But no worries even if there was a container malfunction; the cooler would keep the contents inside. (Has happened to us all, right?) After three years of daily use, the pack has shown relatively no wear.

    A year ago, took the pack on Safari in Africa and it proved to be again the best pack to fit all activities. As a carry on, everything you need fits in all the right places for easy access. Travel documents are easy to access in the organizer compartment. Fit under the seats on even the 8 puddle jumper inter country flights we took. If you like to travel with your own food/snacks, the cooler is great as it detaches and can fit under the seat along side the main pack. On Safari, each day brought different needs and the pack was so versatile. The cooler worked great to carry my larger Canon camera, telephoto lens, water bottle, pen, paper, sunglasses, binoculars. My hat quickly velcroed around the shoulder strap. For longer day trips, we brought along the main pack for raingear, jackets, sandals, etc. The ‘chair’ compartment on the main pack was a great place to keep the safari shirt neat and almost ironed (I know, who cares about an ironed shirt on safari… but after 21 days, it was nice to have something that actually didn’t look like an Elephant had slept in it.)

    So, this leads me to this years adventure in Quito, the Amazon and the Galapagos of Ecuador. The two of us who traveled, each purchased a Cascade for the trip. Again, the versatility on the planes was great and the cooler bag makes for a great camera bag and protects the camera from moisture. On one particular day trip where we had a wet landing on a beach, a dry bag fit perfect inside the cooler to ensure the camera stayed dry. We were in and out of the dinghies several times each day so the cooler strap started to scratch the sunburn on our shoulder/neck. (No fault of the pack or strap itself.) Since we had two of the Cascades we came up with a great idea. We took the shoulder straps from both coolers and wore the cooler as more of a back pack as we still only needed the smaller bag. (Affix both straps as they normally affix, place one strap over your right shoulder and one strap over your left shoulder with the pack on your back.) Again, the versatility of this pack is great, all the compartments help to keep you organized and the various compartments offer great places to ‘hide’ stuff, you know, all the millions.

    Durable, comfortable, affordable and did I mention versitile?

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